Thursday, 4 November 2010

Yorkshire Square Ale (Black Sheep) 5% Abv

Its a copper brown ale. The nose is malty with hints of toffee and sugar.

The opening taste is like of powerful but very smooth malt, this leads into more sweeter flavours of honey and maybe a touch of maple syrup. There is a subtle but definite yeasty bite to the middle. The finish is not of powerful hops but lingering dry bitterness and a delicate ripe fruitiness.

I know the brewery are very proud of their heritage and the Yorkshire Square Fermentation system, a traditional method dating back 200 years, using double stacked stone vessels. It's believed to give the beer a smoother taste and more pronounced bitterness, both of which i can happily say are present in this beer.

6/10 A respectable score, a good beer, if you like your beers malty smooth and dry I would encourage you to try this.

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