Thursday, 4 November 2010

Triple (Brakspear) 7.2% Abv

A deep copper beer, the aroma is nutty and of brown sugar.

The initial taste is like a hammerblow of malt and powerful fruity flavours. The rich fruit flavour just keeps building, plum and blueberrys definately hidden within.

The finish is lingering, but not of bitterness, or of any real noticable hopping, despite the fact this beer is supposedly "triple hopped". Instead the fruit lingers on long into the finish, becoming increasingly sharp, finishing with an almost sherry taste as the abv powers home.

7/10 Like a boozey fruit pudding, could be fantastic with cheese inplace of Port.


  1. The beer is triple fermented, not "triple hopped".

  2. Incorrect i'm affraid, it is triple hopped

    "Brakspear Triple
    Highly sought after, award-winning Triple Hopped, Triple Fermented 7.2% beer for the ultimate connoisseur, available in a 500ml bottle."
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