Friday, 22 May 2015

Treason West Coast IPA 5.8% (Uprising Brewery)

The first beer from the Uprising brewery, part of the Windsor and Eton family it seems, standing on it's own feet but guided by their experience.

The aroma to this beer is truly outstanding, like a can of Lilt it's huge on tropical fruity notes, and fresh as a daisy.

The open malt is sutble and understated, like the support act ahead of it's famous paymaster. The gentle sweetness quickly gives way to the hops, but not with the expected stamp of IPA bitterness, instead it unleashes a tropical fruit utopia.  Mango and lycées give huge flavours of soft ripe fruit, lingering on the palette. An amazingly mellow and balanced IPA, it's managed to capture huge tropical hop flavours without any of the rougher edges of bitterness.

9/10 Smooth, balanced and full of huge tropical fruit. 


  1. Oooh, sounds lovely!

    Is this bottled? And, if so, how do I get hold of it? Sounds like the sort of thing I'd like a lot.

    1. Not bottled just yet - will most likely be done in the New Year. If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter any news about bottling / new products will first be posted there. Cheers

    2. I shall do just that! Thank you!