Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Canberra (Windsor and Eton)

The latest offering from Windsor and Eton Brewery, having picked up great marks for their previous beers we were keen to try this one.

It pours a rich mahogany, crystal clear and with light ivory head. The nose is lighter in aroma than previous offerings, a subtle mix of hops from Australasia, grassy, zesty and slightly floral.

The malt is rich, both sweet and dry in equally balance. Made with 5 different malts it provides robust depth as well as a rich lingering sweet note from the added Maple syrup. The final bittering is like a counter balance for the malt, equalling it but not overshadowing its multidimensional prowess. Dynamic and interesting but not quite as rich complex as one might hope.

7/10 An modern Amber with hints of the new world, rich and malty but not too complex