Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Yorkshire Christmas Ale (M&S)

A special brew created just for Marks and Spencer's by the Cropton Brewery.

It starts with an explosion of bold aromas, ripe cherry, clementines and powerful blackcurrant. The beer itself is on the ruby side of brown.

Big fruity malt to start with tangy notes, quickly flooded with ripe forest fruits. The middle lost as the edges of the mouth try to get to grips with the powerful fruit start. The finish is a long lingering aniseed, I would love to say I could spot other subtle spices there (the bottle lists nutmeg) but I am struggling.

This could almost be served warm in place of mulled wine, it feels like its almost half made of mulled wine.

4/10 A bold beer, trying to be different, sadly ends up like a beery spiced cocktail.


  1. I'm afraid this one sounds like it falls under the "shit label - shit beer" category that Chris & I often talk about...

  2. haha it wasnt the worst thing i've drunk, it had some character, but sadly it was the kind of character you don't want to spend anytime with. Kind of like that aussie wanker in those horrible wine adverts.

    It just tasted like beer with several bottles of cassis and a ton of spices poured in.

    Would have been disapointed if I had bought this one sadly. Shame as its the one that intreaged me most when they arrived.