Sunday, 21 November 2010

London Stout (Meantime)

Late Sunday afternoon and time for something stout.

Meantime of London have a good reputation for interesting brewing, with coffee and chocolate ales and some organic products on general sale.

Their standard London Stout pours very dark brown, as close as brown gets to black, and is impenetrable to light. The head is a wispy and a pleasing smoky chocolate rises to the nose.

First impression is a very drinkable session stout. On the whole stout drinkers tend to be a looking for a nice bit of munch on their pint but this is actually rather thin. Some might say watery, but a nice bunch of chocolate, roast and smoke tastes rise on the tongue, which seem to suit the consistency well.

Dark fruits continue through the sip and a woody, smoked hint of bitterness finishes it very neatly.

Compared to some of the wilder power-strength stouts out there, this may seem a trifle dull, but at 4.5%abv this is that rare thing, a very drinkable session stout. For those who like their ale dark, this is a fine precursor to an evening and certainly knocks the likes of bottled Guinness into a cocked black hat.

7/10 - A gentle, smoky session stout, capable and clean.

- The Broadside

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