Sunday, 28 November 2010

London Porter Christmas Pudding

Its the time of year when I start to get excited by Christmas, part of the ritual is the making of the homemade Christmas pudding. They really are worlds apart from the dry horribe things you pay a fortune for in supermarket.

The couldn't be any easier to make, and really are suited to an extra special beer inside them. Personally I think Porter or stout is perfect, and I'm hoping the complex flavours of Fullers London Porter will really shine through.

Here is my recipe adapted from Delia's old classic (I've used it the last 3 years and its great!)

London Porter Christmas Pudding
Makes 2 large 2 Pint puddings
225g Shredded Suet (in the baking isle)
110g Self raising Flour
450g Soft Brown Sugar
225g Breadcrumbs
1 heaped teaspoon of Cinnamon and another of Nutmeg
1kg Mixed Currants, Raisins and Sultanas
50g Mixed Candied Peel
75g Almonds
One apple peeled and chopped
4 Eggs (free range please)
A measure of Rum, and another of Whiskey
1 bottle of Fullers London Porter (400ml ish) (or your favorite dark beer)

Mix the all the dry ingredients together well. Beat the eggs and add the beer (holding back 100ml to add if required), then mix with the dry ingredients stiring well. It should be a good dropping consistency that it falls of the spoon with a firm tap. Add a touch more flour or liquid to get this right, its not a precise science.

Leave covered over night for the flavours to blend. Grease your 2 pudding bowls, then fill to the top with the mixture, cut a sheet of greaseproof paper to fit the top, put a clean cloth or cut pillow case on the top and tie tightly around the rim.

Steam over boiling water in a pan for 4 hours, careful not to boil dry. Leave to stand and keep in a cool place until Christmas.

Heat on the day by steaming over boiling water once again for 2 hours.

Enjoy! With good company and lashings of brandy.

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