Monday, 8 November 2010

Wiltshire Rum Beer (M&S)

This is a relabeled version of the Wadworth's seasonal Swordfish. Its the famous Wadworth 6X blended with Pussers Rum.

It pours exceptionally bright and clear, a glistening golden amber. The smell is malty but in place of fresh grassy hops we have a lovely subtle boozey rum smell.

The taste is big and malty, toffee sweetness with dry bitterness. The middle provides the biggest biscuity crunch i've ever had in a beer, its a famous characteristic of the Wadworth Yeast. The finish is where this beer is really different, in place of hops and bitterness we are left with a smooth Rum taste. Its very similar to the gentle finish of a Rum Coffee or the way whiskey does the job in an Irish coffee.

8/10 A malty biscuit of an ale with a warming rum finish, perfect for winter.

1 comment:

  1. 8/10 for a Wadworth from Commander Ed? High score indeed!

    I'll look forward to tucking into my bottle of this after your review.