Monday, 8 November 2010

Thanks Marks & Spencer!

A big thanks to Marks and Spencer for providing samples of their new winter seasonals range!

Some very exciting sounding beers in here, some instantly recognisable as famous brews relabelled, others less obvious.

Perhaps you can help me fill in the blanks? And i'll update the post.

- Wiltshire Rum Beer (Wadsworth) 5% - Their seasonal Swordfish, its 6X with Prussards Rum
- Southwold Winter Beer (Adnams) 4% - ?
- Southwold Dark Ale (Adnams) 7.2% - I am guessing its Tally Ho due to the small bottle.
- Cheshire Brown Ale (Robinsons) 4.7% - ?
- Yorkshire Winter Ale (Cropton Brewery) 6.2% - ?
- Ginger Ale Stockport (Robinsons) 6% - The seasonal Ginger version of Old Tom
- Pilsner (Arcobrau) 4% - German pilsner

Looking forward to reviewing them.


  1. Could this be the Adnams Winter Beer?

  2. Great spot from the eagle eyed baron! It says Handcrafted by Fergus on it so i bet thats the one.

  3. There's a whole lotta table in that photo... I'm thinking you're very proud of it.

  4. I really enjoyed the winter beer, it'll be interesting to see what the ginger tom is like

  5. haha not David Bailey's finest hour. But as you well know it is a beautiful solid oak table.

    I wasn't a big fan of Old Tom, but i'm excited by Ginger Tom.