Thursday, 18 November 2010

Town Crier (Hobson's)

Here at the Bunker, we're acknowledged fans of Hobson's, a couple of their ales making a good showing at recent summits. They recently won the SIBA Best Business Award.

The Old Henry and Postman's knock are sturdy dark affairs, and this is the first lighter beer I've tried from the Shropshire brewery, at 4.5%abv. The cap pops off with a gentle gasp and the drink pours a beautiful pale straw gold. The head is a light muslin wisp.

The nose is clean and unassertive, shimmering with gentle lilting hops and citrus fruit.

First taste unveils a fraction of sweetness, soon mowed over by light but persistent bitterness. Throughout a sort of semi-grapefruit taste endures (though nowhere near the likes of Punk IPA in prominence), again not unpleasant, and the whole effect is of gently drinkable beer. The beer finishes rather dryly, and I imagine this would go down very well with a hearty roast or similar dish.

Again, it's a decent product. It's not quite the wonderment in a bottle of Henry or Postman's, but neither is it a poor cousin. This is decent beer from a fine brewer.

7/10 - Gentle, cohesive and thoughtfully blended, Town Crier is elegant beer from an accomplished ale house.

- The Broadside

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