Sunday, 24 October 2010

Station Porter (Wickwar) - 6.1%abv

I've been looking forward to this one for a while. Station Porter is a highly commended beer, named CAMRA's Champion Winter Beer of Britain in their 2008 awards.

It's a typical porter in the pour, pitchy and deeply dark, with a slight ruby glint behind direct light. The head is a pale brown but lasts as long as a sneeze. The nose is mocha and chocolate with slightly burnt roast notes, although cosy and more alluring than I've made that sound.

First taste is thin, but very flavoursome. Sweet malts waltz with the porteresque chocolate, and it's a taste to endear the Broadside to this chilly October night. It's 6.1% but feels lighter, and the dryness associated with some porters isn't present here, it's quenching. Mid-taste is fruity, in a plum and sultana style rather than citrus, before the tail trails off with hints of blackberries.

Properly delicious, it's just a smidge too sweet for me to put it at parity with Fuller's London Porter, but this is still an accomplished and excellent example of this famous old ale type.

A very solid 8/10 - an excellent porter, and if seen to be popped in the basket for the approaching chill months.

- The Broadside

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