Monday, 18 October 2010

5am Saint (Brewdog) 5%abv

It pours like a Tawny port, whiskey edges and a butter caramel head. The smell is so powerful, an overdose of dry hops and grassy smells, mixed with hidden cherry and summer fruit notes.

The taste gives a nano second of sweetness before unleashing a monster of full bodied bitterness. Hints of fruity but bitter cranberries are followed by a slightly sour tanginess, reminiscent of unripe fruit. Its got more hops in the finish than most IPAs dream of leaving a bitter lingering finish.

8/10 Unripe fruit, bitter, tangy and hopped to hell. To try and put this in a box would be impossible, it defines itself. Definitely one to try, you’ll never forget it.

Thanks to Brewdog for providing, i suggest you read their blog


  1. Brilliant review! Succinctness and sexiness, great stuff.

  2. Mark, thanks for the comments! Made my day! Great to recieve feedback like that, especially from someone who has a great blog themselves! I am a huge fan of your blog, particularly the Economies of (sc)ale post which was fantastic!

    Whats your favorite mainstream Brewdog beer?

    Thanks again.

  3. I'm not grown up enough for this beer, I have decided.