Saturday, 23 October 2010

Bunker Summit no. 2

Bunker Summit Two was again a fine event. As well as myself and Ed, Glenn was on hand to voice his tasting judgements in a blind tasting session. We all bought four ales to try.

Home cooked food was once more provided by the master skills of Commandant Ed. This time a legendary Fuller's Porter steak and ale stew (Recipe here!) with garden vegetables provided the perfect interim energy boost.

The evening kicked off with an auspicious curtain raiser - a review session of Brewdog's AB:04, which isn't released until later this week, but was kindly sent to us for pre-launch review. You can read the full review on this site.

We then moved on to the main tasting event. The scores we gave were completely blind and are averaged below - we had no idea what the product was until the reveal.

Bright (Otter) 4.3%ABV - Summery blond with a tiny ping of spice, a bit uninteresting. (4)
Old Henry (Hobson's) 5.2% - Fireside amber, complex and peachy (7)
First Gold (Hopcloser) 4.6% - Ed's homebrew! (Full details of how that was made here) Rated very highly, sweet and tasty in the US style (7)
Banks's Bitter (Marstons) 3.8% - Short and malty, no finish, a bit budget (4)
Entire Stout (Hopback) 4.5% - Creamy but light stout. Refreshing for a black drink (6)
American IPA (Adnams) 6.8% - Very nice (Ed loves it) extremely citrussy, some tea and depth. Took the evening's Bronze Medal (8)
Organic Old Ruby Ale (Dutchy Originals) 5% - Inoffensive, probably nice with lamb (6)
Humpty's Fuddle (Kingstone) 5.8% - Floral and malty, not much hop for an IPA (7)
ESB (Fuller's) 5.9% - Delicious and the evening's Silver Medal Drink. Perfect balance (8)
Betty Stogs (Skinners) 4% - A bit unbalanced but some nice flavours (7)
Ipswich Pale Ale (St Judes) 4% - Bloody awful, "sewage in a bottle". We can only hope this one was off for the brewery's sake - our first (0)
London Porter (Fullers) 5.4% - Delicious and superbly balanced, a textbook fine porter. The evening's Gold Medal Drink (9)
Poacher's Choice (Badger) 5.7% - Loads of gamey flavours but polarised opinion, a marmite-reaction drink (4)

Vienna broadcast the goodnight national anthem very shortly after this one. Much fun.
- The Broadside

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