Friday, 1 October 2010

Hole Hearted (Oakleaf)

Oakleaf is a Gosport based brewery run by Dave Peckersgill. I'd heard a fair bit about it's beers so thought it timely to have a taste.

Hole Hearted pours bright and smells similarly, lots of flower and solely Cascade hops. This ale is on the same lines as that hopcentric uber-beer Summer Lightning. However on taste there's a patch of malt and a whole bag of fruit - mainly apples.

It's a session ale for me, very drinkable and at 4.7% ABV one to settle in on a summer evening with. The finish is bitter but comfortable.

For my palate the fruits are just a little too pronounced. I feel a little mean giving this a 7, as it would be a square 8 for most, but it's got a touch too much orchard for my tongue.

Still, this is an ale made with care by a brewery who know's their product. I'll certainlly be trying some more from Oakleaf.

7/10, a fine beer.

- The Broadside


  1. Interesting to see just a 7/10 for this one, its one of my personal favs, gorgeous cascade hops, beautiful flavours, at my first ever beer festival Southampton 2008 this stole the show....Its won South Hants Camra's beer of the year award too many times to count.

  2. Perhaps it's a 7.5 :o)

    Just a tad too fruity for my palate - I can see why some would love it though - certainly fits the definition of 7, very good beer.