Monday, 4 October 2010

UBU (Purity)

Pours a brownish amber clour, beautifully clear, a delicate smell of sweet grass hops.

Gentle sweet malt, slightly bitter, the middle leaves almost a nutty tangy. The finish is smooth, delicate bittering with a fresh taste.

7/10 A very drinkable, and very modern session bitter. Lovely Cascade hops.

You can by there ales at most good Sainsburys or Tescos or via Ocado here


  1. "Pronounced OO-BOO its named after our faithful canine friend UBU"

    So the brewery dog. They also do one called Mad Goose after a goose which frequents the beer garden at one of their establishments....well so i understand from a mate who claims to have been attacked by said "mad" goose.

    Hows that for a claim to fame!?