Tuesday, 15 February 2011

London Bitter - BruBox Home Brew Kit

I am a homebrewer myself and enjoy making my own beer using the raw all grain method, but i stated out on kits. I recently helped a friend work through his first kit a BruBox. Its around £24 for a 10litre starter kit, with refills around £10 there after.

Its a rather impressive kit, extremely simple in its design and instructions, described perfectly here. A month later my mate popped round with a bottle of the result....I thought its only fair i review it!

London Bitter 4.0%
Pours an amber brown, with a nice gentle aroma, caramel, slight orange and fresh hop pine notes.

The sweetness of the malt is quite quickly over powered with some relatively big dryness that powers through. This leads on to quite pronounced bittering, you can certainly tell real hops were used in this kit. The finished is a lingering gentle hop bittering along with a slightly burnt caramel dryness.

7/10 A very drinkable well hopped session bitter, not a million miles from a Fuller's London Pride, but with the dry malitness of a Shepard Neame Bishops Finger.

With refill kits at about £10 each you can enjoy San Fransisco Steam beer to Belgian Tripel's at 50p a pint!

If you want to have a go at homebrewing but are nervous about the process, you wont find a more simple entry method than this, and most importantly the end result is very enjoyable!


  1. i got one of these for xmas, just waiting for the right time to start it off, good to read its a decent pint!

  2. I received one for xmas too and am day 7 in the process. I ahve a couple of questions. For this review was the beer poured as a draught (sugar added to the box) ? If it was bottled did you syphon it from the box, should I be overly concenrerd about air contamination when bottling?

    Thanks :)

  3. I made the beer in the above review and did not pour as a draft from the box. I bottled it adding sugar to each bottle. I was not overly concerned about air contamination, but had made sure that the bottles were sterlised and that the box nozzle was clean first.