Friday, 25 February 2011

Joker IPA (Williams Brothers)

Pours with a smooth well practiced fizz, perfect head and carbonation. A golden amber with a deliciously citrusy aroma, lemon grassy freshness in a bottle.

The malt is superb, well bodied in it's depth, balanced with a great initial sweetness. A clean clear middle is followed by a hop finale of bitter hops, a second wave of more fruity malt and a delightfully subtle lingering hop bittering leaving you craving more with each sip.

8/10 A superb celebration of Malt and Hops. Similar in style to some great US pale ales, with a tad more hops.

You can buy Joker IPA here, and at the amazing price of £16.30 for 12 I strongly recomend you do!
Thanks goes out to Williams Brothers for providing this to review.


  1. That sounds very much my kind of thing, and minimal outlay even if I don't like it as much as you... Jaysus I'm tempted.

  2. I have to say its a very good beer, would be a perfect beer to take on a weekend away somewhere, just my style too, hoppy but balanced.

    They have a huge range of beers, maybe a mixed cases as well to make use of the delivery costs?

    If there is any of their beers you like the look of let me know and i'll review it next! :-) More williams bros reviews coming up.