Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Indian Brown Ale (Dogfish Head)

Pours far darker than expected, less like the Newcastle Brown I was expecting and more like a dark porter. The smell is divine, like melted chocolate and a sweet but potent after dinner liquor.

Slightly dry malt to start, that very quickly builds into perpetual sweetness. Powerful chocolate notes assert their dominance in the malt, melting into the tongue like a rich pudding. Slight hints of coffee poke through without taking anything away from the big brown sugar sweetness. This rich boozey pudding of a beer slides to the finish where fine hops twine themselves into the flavours, adding fresh depth to the beer, but without too much in the way of sharp bittering, just mellow lingering dry hopping.

Reminds me very much of Flying Dog Gonzo Porter

8/10 Like a rich boozey Tiramisu of a beer, chocolate, coffee, divine.

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  1. Made the mistake recently of having their 90 Minute IPA for breakfast in an Irish pub in Charleston recently. Mostly decided because the tap was in the shape of a fish.

    Turned out it was 9%, far too hot and underhopped. Good news that the Brown Ale was better.

    (Cheers for the Flying Dog recommendations)