Friday, 25 February 2011

Hop Devil IPA (Victory)

Snaps open and pours darker than expected, a deep golden amber. The aroma is sensational, amazing zingy grassiness, big dry hops, a lovely toffee sweetness.

With the deep malt you expect sweetness, not so, it's presumably all been converted to alcohol leaving a very dry malty start. The finish is a hop crescendo, big loud crashes of bitterness, crisp, dry and tangy. The dryness continues long into the finish like chewing dry hops.

Truly amazing aroma, a huge lingering hop finish, but in my view needs a bit more malt sweetness to bring balance. Too dry and bitter to saviour.

7/10 Top marks for hops, but falls short with the malt. A rather one sided beer.

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  1. These Williams Bros do sound like a reputable operation. Did they donate any of their Ginger Beer to the cause?