Monday, 5 July 2010

Bishop's Finger (Shepherd Neame)

This ale looks like very few others, it has an intriguing brown ruby colour to it.

This ale also tastes like very few others, I'd be amazed if anyone as ever had a bottle of this and not thought "ooh whats this?"

It has a very strong malty taste, with very little sweetness either at the start or the end, or the middle come to mention it. Combined with the hops and that "distinctive" Neame yeast it leaves the taste buds bullied, beaten and dry as sandpaper. There isn't another ale around i could compare this too, and I am not sure I am brave enough to try.

Where to enjoy : Surrounded by lager drinkers you don't want to switch to ale, one sip of this and they won't make the leap in this lifetime.

2/10 Some may love this and its "distinctive" full flavours, not me.


  1. You know my thoughts on this one, a fond place in my heart. If the devil pulled a pump, he'd offer up one of these, its unapologetically cranky and full of distilled interestingness.

  2. I see Mr Protz gave this 4/5 !

  3. Are you in someway suggesting that Roger Protz's opinions on beer are more valuable than my own?

    I'm sorry i stand by my judgement of this beer, its over carbonated and best avoided even at £1 a bottle in my book.

  4. Nooo, what does he know anyway.