Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Boston Lager (Sam Adams)

So its got lager it the title, this is going to be pretty bland and tasteless right? Wrong.

Wow! An explosion of the senses, it leapt out of the bottle like a genie held captive for a thousand years, caused a tornado of fizz into the glass, and released a spectacular bouquet of sweet floral smells before settling like traditional ale.

Its sweet to taste but with light maltiness and wonderful crisp refreshment. The finish is subtle, a mix of delicate flavours simmer through, like a walk through a Moroccan spice market, each fading away before you can grasp them, before easing off without the expected finishing hop kick.

Mesmerised, amazed, speechless, I want to kick down the doors of Carling, Fosters and the rest of the impostors who have muddied the once great name. This is Lager, a thing of beauty, drink it up, enjoy it.

America, Sam Adams, I salute you, you have taught me a lesson today.

When to enjoy : Anytime time of the day or night, this is refreshment in a bottle.

8/10 Go out and try it.


  1. Strong mark indeed, from a confessed lager hater! Will look out for this.

  2. This is a lovely ale, it's not a lager at all (although it might be a lagered ale).

    When I lived in the states I drank this 95% of the time, bloody lovely stuff!