Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Organic Ale (Dutchy Originals)

A lovely, almost coppery brown beer is released from this regal looking bottle. If the bottle is a reflection of the beer a classy beer of breeding is expected. Brewed by Wychwood using organic barley from the Highgrove estate.

It starts with a lovely gentle malt, sweet notes hit the palette, followed by a warming matured flavour that washes over the corners of the mouth. There is limited bitterness and a distinct lack of a IPA style hop kick, but what you do get is a warming Carmel flavour with beautiful biscuit malt.

When best enjoyed : At home when you want to gently saviour some gentle, full flavours without a high alcoholic strength.

7/10 As comforting as a caramel covered digestive….but much classier than that.

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