Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Sleighed Again (Centurion - Homebrew)

Cracks and pours with perfect carbonation, the head on this is unlike anything I've seen since my last draught Guinness, it just won't die! Powerful spices in the aroma, with cloves dominating heavily.

Beautiful roasted malt initially, sweetness and roast bittering in perfect balance. The middle is lovely and light, like a meringue it keeps the sweetness going to the finish when the bittering arrives, it's Cascade so gives a nice depth rather than a blunt snap. The spices linger on the tongue beautifully, nutmeg and most noticeably cinnamon.

Only criticism is the cloves are slightly too powerful for my palate.

7/10 A fine Christmas spiced beer, better than many this site has reviewed, similar to this, but with more spice. Would not be disappointed if I was served this in a pub.

A bottle of homebrew provided by Rimski, have a go yourself with the recipe here.

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