Thursday, 23 September 2010

Ruby Red Ale (St Peter's)

I love the idea of ruby ales.

Some may say that a pale straw is the colour of beer, but there's something about a deep tawny depth that resonates with high backed leather armchairs, games of chess with good friends and general class.

This Suffolk ale, made with Cascade Hops, won the silver medal in the 2010 International Beer Challenge. The Broadside, being a Suffolk bred lad, was already a fan of this brewery prior to approaching this bottle. Their Best and Organic bitter are firm 4* beers for me, and I may dare to review the 6.5% Cream Stout before long.

The Ruby pours with a fleeting head, creamy white which strikingly offsets the red undertow depths beneath. The nose is herby with smidges of caramel and sherry.

In the mouth it slides about like satin, no fuss, little effervescence and initially serves up a light kiss of biscuit-malt. The body to the back of the tongue is almost tea-like, with a vague but never intrusive oil texture. The tail is all about spiced bitterness and rolling hops. It may be a little too hoppy for some, but for me it's just fine. Once swallowed, like Barnstormer it evaporates to a dry echo, inviting the next sip.

An excellent and discerning all-rounder. Whilst the colour may advertise mince pies and snowy cancelled-school days, it is in fact a light 4.3% all rounder that would be enjoyed at any time of the year.

A solid 7/10 - another fine ale from the Bungay brewery.

- The Broadside

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