Wednesday, 1 September 2010

New Belgium Beer Selection - USA

Picked up this New Belgium selection box at the local Mini Mart in Austin Texas, here's what i thought

Fat Tire - The lead brew, a lovely malty beer with limited sweetness and a gentle dose of hops to finish, quite a distinctive middle biscuit bite. 6/10

Mothership Wit - A delicious wheat beer, light zesty, gentle sweetness, spicy cardamon notes. 7/10

Skinny Dip - Their Spring seasonal, dry bitter maltiness initially, with a fresh lingering lime aftertaste. Similar to the Fat Tire but with the noticeable lime finish. 5/10

1554 - Brewed to an old Belgium recipe taken from records dating back this far. Bitter chocolate flavours with zero sweetness and a dry finish. Not one for me sadly. 1/10

The Mothership wins it, a great wheat beer.

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