Monday, 24 January 2011

Maple Moon (Joseph Holt)

Here's something different.

Joseph Holt of Manchester is a family brewery, that has stayed in the same lineage for four generations. They brew three bottled beers, and Maple Moon is a 2005 IBA silver medal winner which has started appearing in Tesco and Sainsbury's of late.

It's 4.8%abv and pours a nice clean amber colour. No caramel is used in the brewing process, but it is flavoured with a touch of maple syrup, which can be caught underscoring the malty scent.

The first taste is firm and beery, solid malt sweetness. I approached this with a degree of apprehension as I'm not overly keen on extra ingredients being wriggled into my pint, which often come to nought (all the "brewed with honey" clones I'm talking about you..), yet maple seems to fit the bill perfectly.

The length is substantial and offers enough hops to qualify as beer, yet the ticklish maple upturn at the end of the sup is a pure delight. It comes as a small puff of sweetness, which is neither cloying nor rough, and suggests the pint would be a fine accompaniment to spicy dishes without lazering out the food taste with anaesthetising bitterness.

What's more, its moreish to the end of the glass, which for me shows they've hit the balance bullseye. The drink doesn't outstay its welcome, nor grow old in the glass (see Nutz).

I'd hesitate to call it a session beer, but for a delicious and satisfying draft of something different, I can thoroughly recommend this ale.

8/10 - Quenching, grippy and tasty, this is how speciality ale should be brewed.

- The Broadside

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  1. Agree, its a cracking beer, and may favourite tipple by a long chalk. No longer available in my local Morrisons, but well worth the longer trip out to Sainsburys