Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Arrogant Bastard (Stone)

Pours a darker than expected malty brown, with perfect fizz and head. The aroma is delicious but again surprising, gentle pine and caramel malt but that's all. No huge blast of nuclear dry hopping.

The initial malt, where do you start, it's one of the most unique thinks I've tasted. It gives an instant roasted bitterness, followed by a deep malt taste, leading to some beautiful caramel sweetness. Its almost like caramel centred choclates, the flavours building as released, coating the mouth.
The finish follows in perfect balance, a flash and a bang of hops deliver razor sharp bittering, followed by some delicate pineapple fresh fruit notes that join the lingering malt caramel perfectly.

I had big expectations for this beer, it has an aura that crosses continents. I was expecting a nuclear dry hopped strong pale ale. It's far more classy than that. Critically, it's the malt that's the star of the show not the hops, it's very unique, balances dry bitterness and sweet caramel perfectly.

10/10 Bold, unique and balanced. A tour de force for your beery tastebuds

For those interested here is my attempt to Homebrew a clone of this beer


  1. I have not any but having read so much about it online I'm afraid it won't live up to expectations. Maybe I will have to get hold of some.

  2. I know what you mean, this beer has a bigger reputation that almost any.

    Trust me it's worth it. Not what I expected. It's all about the malt. Multidimensional!

  3. Excellently descriptive review as always.

    Where could I purchase a few bottles of this in the UK?

  4. If your in London you can try Utobeer in Borough market, otherwise try online at and

    Both have great selections of US beers.

    If your a homebrewer try the Jamil Show Can you brew it podcast, it's a one malt (special b) and a one hop (chinook) brew.