Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Admirals Ale (St Austell)

Today CAMRA declared it their Bottled Beer of 2010.

So is it worthy of the title?

It pours a beautiful brown amber, perfect fizz and a delicious toffee coloured foaming head. It has a beautiful sweet and floral bouquet with hints of heather and honey.

Lovely warm maltiness, followed by a delicate hop bitter finish, such a perfect balance of bittersweet leaves no highs or lows just consistent smooth balanced flavour. A lovely mellow oakiness and hints of rum and warm spirits.

10/10 Pure bottled perfection, warmth, balance and a hundred delicate flavours. Go buy a bottle and be amazed.


  1. Totally agree, perfect ale.
    Nice blog also!

  2. Thanks!

    Its a great beer, still as good everytime i have one. Its the one I give to people who say they don't like beer and only drink lager. The Tribute is also great, one of the few beers i think is actually nicer in a bottle!

    Feel free to have a wander round the site, let us know any reviews you agree or disagree with, or any beer you think we should be reviewing!

    Its a big world of beer out there to explore...we all need pointers.