Friday, 13 August 2010

Eichenblatt Bitte (Oakleaf)

A Bavarian smoked wheat beer, “Eichenblatt Bitte” translates as “Oakleaf Please”

Poured as per the bottle instructions to give a nice cloudy beer, the head is a brilliant white, and despite expectations it doesn’t smell strongly of smoke.

There is a lot of fizzy hidden within this which gives it a real crisp bite. At first it tastes like a normal wheat beer, a nice gentle refreshing citrus sweetness lingers in the mouth whilst the smokey flavours slowly build like a crescendo of flavour. The finish is dry and leaves a lingering almost tobacco smokiness, with hidden fruit notes within. Its well balanced, the smokiness is prominent but not overpowering.

4/10 An intriguing speciality beer, if your a fan of wheat beer or smokey flavours in your beer this could be something special.

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