Monday, 18 April 2011

Kipling (Thornbridge)

A highly anticipated beer for the bunker, from the masterful Thornbridge Brewery, who have signed a deal to sell their beers in Waitrose.

Pours a beautiful clear gold, perfect carbonation, lovely foamy head. Wow the aroma! To say it's totally unique... to the world of beer at least, a huge bouquet like fine Sauvignon Blanc wine (this is how the Nelson Sauvigon hops got their name) mixed with hints of tropical fruit.

The initial taste is far from malty, it's barely beery, sweet tropical fruit flavours like pineapple and mango snap on the tongue. The more standard beery malt notes arrive shortly after providing a nice segway to the finish. A small stamp of bitterness is followed by some fantastically diverse hopping, a mix of more tropical fruit, satsumas, bitterness and a lingering dry hop finish.

9/10 A mindbogglingly unique beer, quite staggering what power hops can assert. Beer with all the fine aromas and finishing notes of fine New Zealand wine.

Available now at Waitrose across the country, or online from

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  1. Have to agree with your rating on this, prefer it to Thornbridges jaipur (only just), the only beer they that could compete is their st petersburg but just because i prefer darker beer over all.