Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Southampton IPA ( Southampton Publick House)

Another fine US beer bought over by my friend from New York, the brewery is near to him in NY State and comes highly rated.

Opens with gentle fizz, pours a deep deep copper. Gentle toffee in the noses, slight pine, no big American floral hops but a lovely grassy tingle of English ones.

It kicks off with a giant blast of Crystal malt, big sweet caramel flavours delight the tonge, before warping into burnt sugar, complete with it's bitterness. There is a glimpse of fruit before kicking on to the finish. No shortage of hopping here, like the earlier aroma it's not a big blast of America hoppy citrus, but the subtle bittering of the English style IPA.

8/10 A big caramel transatlantic IPA, floating somewhere between a big West Coast IPA and a Fullers ESB.

1 comment:

  1. I give this a big fat 0! It has an absolutely overpowering bitterness, even when sweetened, and diluted with another sweet drink! I tried making a beer cocktail so it wouldn't be a total waste, and the only thing that comes through is bitter, bitter, BITTER!