Saturday, 9 June 2012

Kohinoor (Windsor & Eton)

Pops open with the lightest fizz, gentle carbonation gives almost a cask like head. The colour is bright copper or brass, like a well polished medal.

Big aroma of tropical hops, similar to the fantastic Windsor Knot, but more subtle and hints fragrant spices. (supposedly Jasmine petals as added, I can't spot them but a more delicate nose might be able to)

The malt arrives with a very gentle caramel sweetness that is very soon flooded by tropical bitterness, no sharp stamp, just a mouth filling overpowering of hops. It's only 5% but tastes like a much bigger Abv IPA.

The finish long, lingering, slightly dry but with a tanginess that intrigues and shouts for one more sip.

10/10 Flawless. A truly wondrous use of hops, tropical, fruity and very original.


  1. An absolutely fantastic beer. Definitely the best to come from the Windsor brewery so far. Cannot wait to sample their next offering.