Thursday, 2 February 2012

Gem (Bath Ales)

It pops open and pours the most beautiful deep Amber, rich and enticing. The sexiest looking ale I've seen in a while. The nose is full of toffee, sweet candy and the merest hint fresh grass.

The initial taste is a smooth flood of caramel, not overly sweet but rich and complex. It flows into crisp biscuit crunch, mingled with a noticeable nudge of hop bittering. It has a superb lingering finish of smooth caramel and biscuit that stays on the tongue for what seems like minutes.

I'm not convinced its a session ale, and it's clearly one for those who like their beers rich and malty, but it has an amazing sip and savour quality to it that is more commonly seen in Belgian beers, and rarely in Best Bitters.

It's a best in class "Premium Amber Ale" but then it is the first I've tried! But as malt ales go, this is easily up there with the best of them, if not at the top.

8/10 A beer for anti-hopheads. Rich, smooth and full of caramel, one to try.

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