Tuesday, 15 March 2011

IPA is dead (Brewdog)

Citra big pineapple, pine, raw dry hop smell, sweet malt powers through to finish. Not huge bitterness, but big dry hopping lingers in the tongue. It's like Hardcore IPA blended with SN Torpedo. 9/10

Sorachi Ace tangerines, clementines smell, hints of lychees.
Tastes of smooth creamy lychees, maybe even lemongrass, a tingle of dry hops at the finish, but not big bittering. Immersed in Japanese terrior. 7/10

Bramling X, big lemon citrus on the nose, sweet apple on the initial taste. The end is a rather sharp gin and tonic finish. 8/10

Nelson Sauvignon big tropical fruit, mangoes and pineapple, not quite as sweet smelling as Citra. Definite hints of Savingon Blanc as the crisp, sharp hops kick in. The finish is huge tropical fruit, this is beery Lilt. It's amazing that hops can add such tropical flavours, you'd swear there was fruit juice in here. 8/10

So which is best? (sorry but that's what we do here at the Bunker)

The uniqueness of the Sorachi Ace and the tropical fruits of the Nelson Sauvignon are very different, but not necessarily something you would want regularly. The Bramling X has some big flavours, but does it lack a bit of depth? Or is it just over shadowed by the others?

For me Citra wins out, fresh and piney, with a lovely dry finish to the hops.

An education in hops from Brewdog, if you have any interest in beer you should seek out and try these. Try the Brewdog Shop.

1st Citra
2nd Bramling Cross
3rd Nelson Sauvignon
4th Sorachi Ace

Thanks to Brewdog for providing. I suggest you go buy your own here

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